Top 30 Undying Facts About Bruce Lee


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26. He removed his sweat glands from his armpits. 26

In 1972, he decided to undergo surgery and remove his sweat glands from his armpits. He did it for aesthetic reasons. Maybe he is too tired of the sweat during training and sessions.

27. His popularity created countless film imitations.
A sub-genre called “Brucespolitation” was created to imitate Bruce Lee. Thousands of filmmakers failed to recreate him in films successfully. They hire Bruce Lee look-alike actors to star in their movies.

28. He is named one of the most influential people in the 20th century.
No doubt, Time is correct to hail him as one of the most influential people in the 20th century. One solid proof is this article that still talks about his up until today.

29Dragons must be his lucky charm.

29He is called Little Dragon by some people because of his films. However, not all know that he is born in the Chinese year of the Dragon, on the day and hour of the dragon too. What a coincidence!

30. His wife and daughter are still alive. 8
His wife’s full name is Linda Lee Cadwell, and she is now 70 years old. She wrote a book about her husband titled “The Man I Only Knew” that becomes a film in the year 1993. Their daughter, Shannon Lee is now 46 years old and became an actress. Shannon played some cameo roles in various Bruce Lee films including A Part in Blade.

Writing all the facts about Bruce Lee will lead to more pages, that’s why we sorted the best facts that you should know. Which of them surprise or inspire you? Talented people like him should always be remembered from time to time. Leave your thoughts and suggestion in our comments section. And if you know somebody who is a Bruce Lee fan, share this article with him. Thank you for reading. Keep posted as we will create more list in the future.

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