Top 30 Undying Facts About Bruce Lee


21.  Bruce Lee’s action is fast for the camera to capture. 3
The production had a hard time capturing Bruce Lee’s action as it is way too fast. His punches and kicks look fake on a 24-frame second camera. As a countermeasure, they shifted to a 32-frame second camera and asked Bruce Lee to slow down his scenes.

22. Bruce Lee helped the career of Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan. 2
Chuck Norris is trained by Bruce Lee. He also directed a film titled Way of the Dragon.
The people remembered their scene and are labeled as a Bruce versus Chuck scene. Bruce attended in Chuck’s first. Also, Jackie Chan did cameo roles in Lee’s movies.

23. After his death, he appeared in some films. 6Five years after his death, a film starring Bruce Lee is out in theaters. How did it happen? He died during the time Game of Death is filming and did not finish the movie. The producer and director compile all the videos and footages shot before his death. They rewrote the script and did their best to finish the film. Three years after, Game of Death 2 is released. Most of the videos came from the first movie, and they hired doubles to finish the second film. In this sequel movie, Bruce Lee died, and the footage used is the actual footage of his death.

24. He wrote a film. 24

His fondness for writings does not end in letters and poets because he wrote a film titled ‘The Silent Flute.’ He is intended to star the film but died. The name of the movie is altered to “Circle of Iron” adapted by David Carradine.

25. Bruce Lee did not die from a gunshot wound. 7A lot of people confused the death of Brandon Lee from Bruce Lee. Brandon is the son of Bruce who died from the gunshot wound while filming The Crow. At the age 28, Brandon is acting in a scene where he found her fiancé raped by a thug played by Michael Mason. Mason must fire a gun at the set, but the production team accidentally put actual bullets inside the 44 magnum gun that caused Brandon’s death. The movie is finished by the use of stunt doubles, and an investigation is held to know if the death is on purpose.

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