Top 30 Undying Facts About Bruce Lee


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16. He created a martial arts institute. 16

He began teaching martial arts in 1964 at California. He initially trained Chinese people but later on welcomed Caucasian and Black students. When he met his wife and married, they moved to California where they opened two more martial arts institute in Oakland and Los Angeles.

17. Famous people joined his institute.
Because of his popularity in teaching Kung Fu, famous people came to him for teaching sessions. Joe Lewis, Steve McQueen, Chuck Norris, James Coburn and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are among his notable students. Raising his hourly rate to $250 per hour did not hinder people from coming to him. He’s been invited to Switzerland to give Roman Polanski a private lesson.

18. He is stronger than you think he is.
He performs pushed ups using his index finger, 50 repetitions of chin-ups, take a 75 lb barbell in one hand and explode a 100lb bag in a simple kick. You may only see it in movies, but he is doing it in real life.

19. He has a statue in Bosnia.
His statue is built in Mostar, Bosnia since the ethnicities loved him. Unfortunately, this figure is destroyed and vandalized afterward. It is sculpted by Ivan Fijolic and is shorter than his actual size.

20. He voiced many English films.
There is no dubbing that happened in all his films that spread through the United States and Asia. Bruce Lee voiced all his movies by himself, unlike theories that voices are from different people.