Top 30 Undying Facts About Bruce Lee


11. Bruce Lee is not a pure Chinese. 11
He is partly German since his grandfather is a hundred percent German. Because of this, he is declined in many Kung Fu schools. Later on, he met Yip Man that becomes his trainer in learning Wing Chun and Sheung Long.

12. Bruce Lee’s full name is Lee Jun-fan. 12

His name means “return again.” It was given to him by her mother that believes he’ll return to the United States at the right age.

13. A physician gave him the name Bruce. 13

A physician from San Francisco California gave him the English name Bruce Lee and adapted it since it is easy to say and remember.

14. He got expelled from school. 14
Bruce was expelled from school because of disruptive behavior. He entered La Salle College in Kowloon Hongkong, but his stay reflected how much he hates school as he is reported to the guidance office several times.

15. He writes poets. 15

He is inclined to writing and loves poetry. His famous line from his writing is, “Be formless, shapeless, like water.” He loves sending poems to his wife, Linda which expresses his love and gratefulness for his other half.

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