Top 30 Undying Facts About Bruce Lee


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6. He is the inspiration for some Video Game characters.
Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat, Fei Long from Street Fighter II and Law from Tekken are molded and inspired by Bruce Lee. His legacy continuously lives with these video games characters up until the present.

7. He chewed Cannabis. 25
He reportedly used Nepal Hashish, which is one of the most influential forms of Cannabis. As a result, his death received controversies related to his use of Cannabis. He admitted that he is chewing Cannabis for ten years but changed suppliers before dying.

8. He had an extensive collection of books.
He loves writing as much as he loves writing. He owns a library with wide-range of books with different genres. He has over 2000 books and enjoys reading them from cover to cover. He is multi-tasking his daily dumbbell routine while reading a book and watching TV. What a talent!

9. Game of Death dealt with some controversies.9

As mentioned above, two installments of Game of Death are released after Bruce Lee’s death whereas, in part 2, his actual death is included in the film. His real funeral, coffin, people crying in the scene and dead body seen in the movie were real. They faced controversies and anger with Lee’s fans when they find the truth amidst the permission producers got from the family to air the footage.

10. Bruce Lee died from swelling of the brain. 10
There are so many conspiracy theories regarding his death, and people’s suspicion is still rising. The official statement from the hospital is that Bruce Lee died from cerebral edema or simply, swelling of the brain. He took a painkiller for his headache that unfortunately caused an allergic reaction in his brain. He collapsed during an ADR session in Hongkong, and when it repeated on the same day, he faced his death.