Top 30 Undying Facts About Bruce Lee


Over the years, Bruce Lee contributed so much in the form of filming, martial arts, poetry, philosophy, and acting. It is no doubt that he sets history during his life and influence many people up until today. He proved that you don’t need to stay alive to be loved by people. In this article, I will present to you Top 30 of the undying facts regarding Bruce Lee during and after his life.

1. Bruce Lee is supposed to enter the military.1

Thanks to his poor eyesight that he got dropped at the military school in the United States. He is 23 years old when he took the military physical. He will never have a career in martial arts or the filming industry if he passed through.

2. He hoped to fight Muhammad Ali.
He believed that Muhammad Ali is one of the classic fighters In their time because of his techniques and speed. He tried learning his style and movements through his fighting videos. Unfortunately, the fight didn’t happen between these two.

3. He is not a good driver.
His friends confessed that Bruce Lee is a terrible driver. He often asked his friend, Steve Golden to drive him home. Maybe this is because of his poor eyesight.

4. His first involvement in the film is taken when he was a baby.4

He does not remember his first movie because he was just one old baby when he played as an infant in the Golden Gate Girl film. It is followed by playing the same character at TV shows such as That Man back in 1996 and Kato in the Green Hornet. Before reaching 18, he got involved with over twenty movies in total.

5. Bruce Lee has a skill in drawing.5

He loves to draw Chinese and Japanese characters that possess huge swords as well as fighting and battle scenes. His wife, Linda Lee, kept all his drawings since 1995. She even made an authentication certificate for authenticity.

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