Top 30 Significant Facts About Ellen DeGeneres


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26. She’s one of the spokespeople for a global animal campaign.26

One of her eye-catching ads is about animals working with her. The stars are dogs, turtle, elephant, birds and more animals which help her in work. American Express signed her to do the job because of her love for animals.

27. She turned down some acting roles.
Even before getting a sitcom for herself, she turned down some acting roles including the film “Friends.” She’s also offered the lead role in an action film titled Speed by the year 1994. The part is given to Sandra Bullock together with her co-star Keanu Reeves.

28. Ellen and Oprah had appeared on the same cover.28

We know she’s powerful. How powerful? She wanted Oprah Winfrey to pose with her on the cover of a magazine, and she makes it happen. If you are a fan of Oprah, you’ll know she only appears alone on her covers, but Ellen is an exception.

29. She won enormous awards.
If 14 People’s Choice Awards and 13 Emmys are not enough for you, then how about adding Teen Choice, Kids Choice, Satellite, Annie’s, and PGA Television Producer Awards on the list? It is like receiving an award and nominations every month.

30. She has her record label. 7
Her record album is titled Eleven Eleven and was announced on one of her show’s episodes. Her record label’s focus is the less famous artists that she scouted on Youtube. She’s thinking of a great name, and as a coincidence, every time she looks at the clock, 11:11 is glaring on her. She took it as a sign and make it the name. She signed Jessica Simpsons, Charlie Puth and more artist she believed is deserving.

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