Top 30 Significant Facts About Ellen DeGeneres


21. She auditioned at Pulp Fiction but did not get the role.


She tried winning the role of Jody in a Thriller film, Pulp Fiction by the year 1994. Unfortunately, the role was given to Rosanna Arquette. Oh, that would be an exciting catch if she got the role as it is quite far from her usual appearance.

22. Johnny Carson invited Ellen at the Tonight’s show.
She’s not just invited. After her comedic stand-up routine, she’s also asked by Carson to have a little chat on his couch. It is one big honor to get invited by Carson itself as a comedian, mainly because she’s the first woman to be invited.

23. Ellen quit smoking.23

To complete her goal of becoming healthy, she quit smoking in 2005 in addition to her healthy vegan diet and workouts. She’s entering her 60th year by 2018 and still looks healthy. This must be the secret.

24. She played as the voice actress for various projects. 24

She’s notable for the recently aired film, Finding Dory as she voices the main character from Disney Pixar. She is also involved in more voice roles in video games and movies such as The Last Resort in the year 1996 together with Christopher Reeve and Stephen Tyler.

25. She wrote books.25

Her writing “My Point… and I Do Have One,” becomes a bestseller for six months by the year 1995. It was a topnotch on the bestsellers list of the New York Times too. She also wrote Seriously I’m Kidding, The Funny Thing Is, and Home.

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