Top 30 Significant Facts About Ellen DeGeneres


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16. Ellen’s close friend sings the theme song for Finding Dory. 16

She asked her friend, Sia, to sing the theme song of the film. We all know that Ellen is the voice actress of Dory who suffers from memory loss. The song is called “Unforgettable.” She is well known for hiding her face in a wig.

17. Ellen is known for her professionalism and punctuality.
Even though she is well known for almost all the fields in media, she still comes early in all her meetings, photo shoots, and interviews. She value punctuality and professionalism so much no matter how tired she is within the day.

18. She exercises while watching her favorite show. 18

She’s a multi-tasker! Despite all the busy schedules, she still manages to stay fit and healthy while watching her favorite Television channel which is the Animal Planet. Remember what I mentioned about having a vegan diet? Well, she wants to know more about animals, so she’s finding time to watch them while going through the elliptical machine.

19. She hosts the Academy Awards.
She is the second female who hosted the Academy Awards. Whoopi Goldberg is the first. But being Oscar’s host is one of her dreams during teenage days. Because most of their hosts are male since 1929 and they are the chose few to represent woman for hosting.

20. Her mom has a particular seat on her show.20

She reserves her mom the best seat in her sitcom show. She lived with her mom during her teenage years. Surprisingly, her mother is a former speech therapist and an LGBT activist. She often speaks for Human Rights Campaign.