Top 30 Significant Facts About Ellen DeGeneres


11. Ellen is expensive.
She earns more than 75 million dollars a year and is listed as one of the top grossing celebrities by the year 2015. Also, she was named as the 50th most popular women in the whole-wide-world according to Forbes. She placed second on the World’s Pride Power List.

12. She served at restaurants before her comedic break.
Before earning millions as a host, actress, and comedian, she becomes a bartender, waitress, saleswoman and vacuum cleaner at TGI Fridays. She even becomes an oyster shucker at New Orleans. Her comedic career started in coffee shops and small clubs. Later on, she becomes a regular host at the New Orleans’ Comedy Club. She received her award as the “Funniest Person in America” a year after, given by Showtime.

13. Ellen received the highest award for a civilian.22

A civilian may be awarded Ellen the Presidential Award of Freedom last 2017. It is the highest possible award given to a civilian in the United States. Obama admitted that he almost choked while awarding the comedian in the White House.

14. The Ellen DeGeneres show undeniably reaches success.
All in all, it earned 59 Daytime Emmy Awards. The sitcom debuted last September 8, 2003, and surpassed The Oprah Winfrey Show regarding awards. It is also one of the Top 20 most subscribed channel on Youtube. The show is renewed for three more seasons until 2020.

15. Her house cost over $40 million.21

Her house measure 2.3 acres that contains a pool house, pool, tennis court and a gym. Her lifestyle is perfect for her home amenities because she loves tennis, football, and living healthy. She sells her previous home for $17 million even though she bought it for $21 million. She also loves collecting portraits, painting, and antiques.

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