Top 30 Shocking and Interesting Facts About The Holy Bible

Holy Bible

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The Bible or the Holy Bible, as it is commonly known as, is the Holy Book of the Christians all over the world. The book teaches important lessons for life and lays down the rules to live a proper, Christian life. While on the one hand, the book is revered by many, on the other hand, there are some strange facts about the Bible that don’t give you positive vibes about the book. Read on to know more:

  1. Shoplifting


While conducting a survey of the books that were shoplifted most of the times, the Bible occupied the first rank.

  1. Translation


The Holy Book has been translated in about 1200 languages till date, making it the first book to get this distinction.

  1. Curse


In the Bible, there is an incident where few kids mock at a man for being bald. The man curses them and immediately around 42 of those kids are killed by a forest bear.

  1. Death count


The Bible states that the Holy God killed at least 2400000 people whereas the Evil Satan killed only 10.

  1. Repetition


The phrase, “Do Not Be Afraid” or related phrases of the same meaning are repeated in the Bible for about 365 times.

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