Top 30 Mind-Blowing Facts You Might Not Know About Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is one of the most celebrated fantasy novel adaptations. The novel chronicles revolve around the life of a young wizard. And, Harry’s enthusiasts make sure not to overlook a single detail. However, his invisibility cloak has veiled some.

  1. Sharing Birthdays1


Harry and J K Rowling have their birthdays on the same date. Isn’t it a coincidence? However, the years are different. Harry was born on July 31st, 1980 and J K’s was born on the same day in 1966.

  1. The oldest of the lot


Everyone knows Moaning Myrtle too well as a creepy ghost who wanders in the washrooms. However, the unknown fact is that the actor who played Myrtle’s part was 37 when the Chamber of Secrets was shot.

  1. Potty Mouth


J K Rowling portrayed Ronald Weasely, one of the lead characters in the series as a potty mouth. Ron swore a lot as per the original script of the Harry Potter Series. However, the publishers changed the potty mouth attribute of Ron as it would not be appropriate for young readers.

  1. K was borrowed from her Grandmother


The publishers were so keen in J K Rowling using her initials rather than her full name Joane Rowling. However, Rowling borrowed K from her Grandmother’s name Kathleen. And thus it became J K.

  1. Alan Rickman Knew his fate


The actor Alan Rickman who played the character of Professor Snape knew his fate. He knew that his character would die in the Deathly Hollows part as he was told by Rowling herself.

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