Top 30 Incredible Facts You’ve Never Heard About Antarctica (9)

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  1. First birth


A pregnant mother from Argentina was sent to Antarctica so that the country could stake its claim to the continent. The mother gave birth to Emilio Palma during 1979, who became the first ever child to be born on the continent.

  1. Ice Marathon


Every year, a 100km marathon is conducted on the ice sheet of Ellsworth Mountains, located quite close to the South Pole.

  1. Researchers


Antarctica is constantly researched by scholars all through the year. During the summers, there are close to 4000 such people in the continent, trying to understand the natural resources here. During winters, the numbers come down to 1000.

  1. First skiing


Felicity Aston, a Brit explorer, became the first person to ski across Antarctica. She covered a massive 1084 miles in 59 days during this exercise.

  1. Antarctic Peninsula


The famous Antarctic Peninsula is a great tourist spot in the continent. The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators conducts various activities to improve tourism and during the year 2011, close to 20,000 visitors came to the continent to see this place.

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