Top 30 Incredible Facts You’ve Never Heard About Antarctica (9)

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  1. Fungi


Scientists have discovered that there are close to 1150 different species of fungi thriving in Antarctica.

  1. Bigger than the US


Antarctica, along with its ice, islands, and water, occupies an area of 5.4millin sq. miles. This is about 1.5 times of the United States of America.

  1. First residents


During December 14th, 1911, the Norwegian expedition team, led by Roald Amundsen, were the first ever set of people to set foot on the Antarctica soil.

  1. Bar


There is a drinks bar in the continent of Antarctica. It is considered as the only bar that is located in the southernmost part of the world.

  1. Mountain divide


The continent of Antarctica is divided into the Eastern and Western sides by the Trans-Antarctic Mountains, which run for around 3500km long. It is also regarded as one of the longest range in the world.