Top 30 Incredible Facts You’ve Never Heard About Antarctica (9)
  1. Civilian town


There is a civilian town in Antarctica that resembles the normal town that we see in our cities. This town has all basic public amenities, the internet, mobile coverage and more.

  1. Less-travelled


Though Antarctica is a huge place (fifth largest continent in the world), only 2% of the continent is exposed to the external world, as of today.

  1. Intensity of temperature


The temperature is so freezing in Antarctica that steel shatters and water explode into crystals immediately.

  1. Lakes


Beneath the surface of what is visible in Antarctica, there are whopping 300 lakes, which are kept warm and well-protected, thanks to the Earth’s core.

  1. Volcano


Mount Erebus in Antarctica is the most active volcano on Earth. It keeps emitting crystals even today.

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