Top 30 Incredible Facts You’ve Never Heard About Antarctica (9)

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  1. No reptiles


If you though the freshwater and ice found in Antarctica would be abode to some deadly reptiles, you are mistaken. This is the only continent on earth that doesn’t have a single reptile

  1. Antarctica, earlier



Around 50 million years ago, the banks of the rivers of Antarctica used to witness the abundant growth of palm trees. A few years back, there was also a nuclear station set up here.

  1. Ice sheet


You can find ice at many places on Earth; however, the huge and expansive sheet of ice that you find in Antarctica is the single largest ice mass that you can ever see on this planet.

  1. Sea ice growth


During the harsh winters, Antarctica gets colder than ever before, and it witnesses a rapid rate of sea ice growth as well. Every day, sea ice grows at a rate of 40000 miles.

  1. No polar bears


Yes, polar bears love icy and snowy regions. However, surprisingly, there are no polar bears in the continent of Antarctica.