Top 30 Celebrities Who Are Just Plain Ugly

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An old English adage goes this way – “Appearances are deceptive”. In today’s world, we usually judge people by the way they look and dress. However, that’s not right. There are many people who have achieved great heights in their respective fields, though they aren’t good looking. In the long run, it’s your talent that matters; not your beauty. Here are 30 celebrities who look ordinary or even ugly, but are hugely successful in their respective careers.
1. Lady Gaga

It is no surprise to see her in this list. She is infamously famous for her eccentric hairstyles and dressing sense. Once, she created a huge controversy by wearing a meat dress. Though she looks ugly and even scary at times, she does have reasonable talent in pop singing. She has some potential definitely, according to experts.
2. Michael Jackson

We all know that the King of Pop wasn’t exactly the most handsome man that we would have ever met. He was plain ugly, to say the least. He underwent many plastic surgeries (some went horribly wrong) to correct the imperfections in his appearance. In spite of all this, we don’t remember his looks when we think about him. Today, the place left by him in the world of music and dance is still empty.

3. Donatella Versace

Versace dresses are worn by celebrities because they are replete with style and elegance. However, the same cannot be said about the creator of these dresses, Donatella Versace. Her protruding teeth, horse-shaped face and a not-so-pleasant complexion did make her one of the ugliest celebrities ever.
4. Sandra Bernhard

When she opened her mouth to smile, the audience felt scared. Yes, it was that bad! However, the bisexual actress made up for her looks with her decent performances in TV shows. She earned a lot of fame, thanks to the show, Roseanne and has been featuring in many TV shows quite frequently, in the recent past.

5. Marilyn Manson


The American rock band singer and guitarist, Marilyn Manson is ugly by choice. We wonder why. He is always seen in layers of white makeup, smoky and scary eye makeup with blood red lips to compliment them. He looks exactly like a ghost during his performances or during public sightings.

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