Top 25 Surprising And Interesting Facts About Apples


If there had to be a saying penned about it (An apple a day keeps the doctor away!), the Apple surely has to be one of the healthiest and tastiest fruit in the world. If you already love apples, you can continue to savour them more by knowing about some of the fantastic uses in the trailing article. If you don’t like them, well, this is your chance to begin liking them, and you will never regret your decision.

  1. Cholesterol content


If you were looking for fruit with zero cholesterol, apples should be your first choice. Added to this, apples come with the extra benefit of nil sodium and fat as well.

  1. Skin or no skin?


It is always recommended to eat apples with the skin because it is the skin portion which is rich in antioxidants like Quercetin. These antioxidants are important for improving our overall health and wellness.

  1. Improves bones



You may wonder how apples will help your bones as they don’t have much of calcium content in them. However, they are rich in boron, which is as good for the bones as calcium.

  1. High fibre content


Each apple contains around 4.5grams of fibre, which is almost 25% of the total fibre content that is recommended par day for an adult by medical experts.

  1. Calorie Content


One apple contains only 80 calories which make it one of the healthiest foods available today. It is also quite filling, which makes you eat lesser throughout the day.

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