Top 25 Fascinating Facts From Notorious Death Records


Life is short, and death is the equalizer of all. Whatever reason – sickness, accident, or natural death, everyone will inevitably veer off towards eternity. This page shares facts from famous death data.

1. Fulton Allen



Fulton Allen, a Blues guitarist, was a visually challenged person who lost his life on February 13, 1941, due to infections in various parts of the body such as the abdomen, bladder, and pelvis. This resulted in the failure of his kidneys as well.

2. Frances Bavier

France Bavier also lovingly called as ‘AUNT BEE,’ is a stunning actress who has won the prestigious award of The Prime Time Emmy Award for The Andy Griffith Show. She died due to a heart attack at her home just before her 87th birthday.

3. Charles Bronson


Charles Dennis Buchinsky, known as Charles Bronson is a phenomenal actor with an acting career of 60 years. He had lung cancer and Alzheimer’s.

4. Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was the Grunge Band’s lead singer. His death is shrouded in mystery and controversies. According to published reports, his death is believed to be a suicide as there was a trace of self- triggered bullet of a shotgun in his body.

5. John Denver

Henry John Deutschendorf, popularly known as John Denver was a spectacular singer and a marvelous songwriter. He died while he was flying in an experimental airplane that crashed.

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