Top 25 Breathtaking Facts About Dubai That Make It Stand Out!
  1. 0% Crime Rates – Safest City


Everyone knows that Law and Order system of Dubai is so stringent. So, it makes the city a small crime- rate city.  The crime rate is 0% here, making it a safe city to reside in.

  1. 0% Income Tax – Tax-Free City


Dubai is a tax-free city, and so anyone can become rich and wealthy in Dubai because of the opportunities he as and pay 0% income tax.

  1. World’s tallest and biggest structures


Dubai city has the pride of having world’s tallest and most major buildings making it a truly magnificent sight to behold.

  1. World’s Largest Gold Chain


The world’s largest gold chain was produced in Dubai. The chain was 4.2km long and weighed 22kg.

  1. The City of Luxurious hotels


Dubai city is known for its luxury everywhere. The city’s five-star and seven-star hotels are so breath-taking and stupendous that they make the city look like paradise on earth.

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