Top 25 Breathtaking Facts About Dubai That Make It Stand Out!

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  1. The wasted space


This hotel is known to be a unique hotel; however, it has a lot of wasted space. 39% of the area of the Burj Al Arab is said to be wasted space which is uninhabitable.

  1. The growing Car Populations


Nowadays Dubai is planning to build double decker roads so that it can accommodate space for the dense car population and have a hassle free vehicle movement. In the earlier days of the 1960s, there used to be just 13 cars on the roads of Dubai.

  1. The Burj Khalifa Scene


One can see Burj Khalifa from 90 kilometers radius from any place that one stands, because of the great height.

  1. The highest tennis court


Dubai also has the pride of having the highest tennis court in the world which is on top of Burj Al Arab.

  1. The air conditioned bus stops


The Dubai city is so rich that all its bus stops are air-conditioned and enclosed safely.