Top 20 Interesting Facts About The Horrifying 911 Bombing


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16. Cows represent life.


The Masai tribesmen from Kenya decided to donate fourteen cows to the United States after the 9/11 incident. Cows are sacred animals to them since they believe that cow means life.

17. There is only one off-duty officer who died from 9/11

Officer John Perry remains true to his service as he rushed to the 9/11 bombing site when he was notified of the first strike of the plane at the first tower. He aims to rescue people on his last day as an officer even though he is about to file retirement papers on the same day. He died when one of the towers collapsed.

18. The only meeting they should not cancel.

A meeting at the 88th floor is drafted to discuss emergency plans whenever a terrorist attack takes place is canceled and rescheduled before the 9/11 bombing because a person is unable to participate. Do you think more lives will be saved if the meeting proceeded?

19. A fake dramatic story of a 9/11 survivor.


Tania Head becomes famous because she is one of the survivors with a comic story from the South tower. She told the public that a man handed him a wedding ring to be given to his wife before the man rescued people. She becomes the face of 9/11 survivors because of a made-up story, only to find out that she was not even in the country when the incident happened. She’s in a graduate school in Barcelona.

20. Whales’ stress levels increased following the 9/11 attack.


Since planes are banned for three days in the United States, the only mode of transportation is by land and sea. The scientist noticed that the whales’ stress levels increased by examining their stools. It is due to a countless number of ship traffic as an alternative transportation.
It is more than a decade since 9/11 incident happened, but everything is still fresh in everyone’s memory. It will always remain as a history that occurred in the United States. So, do you find this list exciting? Which of these facts blown your mind? Speak in the comments section. We’ll wait for your feedback.