Top 20 Interesting Facts About The Horrifying 911 Bombing


11. A dog made a heroic job of her master.


A dog is labeled a man’s best friend for a reason, and one of these dogs is a yellow Labrador named Roselle. A blind owner owns her, Michael Hingson whom she guided down to 78 stories of North Tower and survived. Michael found himself at a friend’s house and shocked about the facts of the incident afterward.

12. More than $100 million is lost in the 9/11 bombing.


Aside from the lives lost are items that cost million dollars collapsed with the Twin Tower. It includes Alexander Calder’s sculpture, John Mro’s Tapestry, Roy Lichtenstein’s Entablature series, and Picasso paintings. They also found 437 watches, 144 wedding rings and 65,000 personal items on the site.

13. A 3-day flight ban to the US is taken advantage by the scientist.


Scientist immediately researched the effects of planes in the atmosphere when a three-day ban of jets is announced in the United States. They discovered that days get a little warmer and nights gets a little cooler. It is all because the plane trails acted as clouds that shield the Earth from the sun.

14. If security measures are stricter, then the ringleader might get caught.


Mohamed Atta is the 9/11 ringleader who checked in at an airport in Boston. Unfortunately, even though his name alerted the airport’s security, they still let him in together with his bags without suspicion.

15. If it is your time, you’ll die.


John Patrick O’Neill is a particular FBI agent previously in-charge in the first World Trade Center attack at al-Qaeda in 1993. He quit his job due to some disagreement and worked as the head security of World Trade Center instead. He died on the 9/11 bombing.

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