Top 20 Interesting Facts About The Horrifying 911 Bombing


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6. Air-related diseases continuously killed people after 9/11.


Almost half a million people are exposed to a toxic cloud of asbestos on that day. These poisonous airs caused respiratory problems like lung inflammation, asthma and inhaling abnormalities. Around 21,000 people are favorable to these diseases. The effects are to be expected until the end of 2041.

7. Dogs get depressed for not finding bodies on the site.


During the rescue operation, only eighteen people are found alive with the help of sniffer dogs. After that day, there are rarely living person found which caused anxiety and depression in the dogs. Dogs are intelligent animals that might think they are not useful for their jobs. As a countermeasure, there are times that authorities ask people to hide in the rubble to keep up the dog’s spirits that they can still find survivors within the search.

8. It took a hundred days to take off the fire.

It’s been over three months, but the fire keeps burning until the season to celebrate Christmas. Tons and tons of flammable office equipment is the reason why they keep burning. A constant jet of water needs to be sprayed gradually to put off the fire successfully. Every single day, a fire truck is on standby to continuously lessen the fire in the site.

9. A company lost two-thirds of its whole workforce.


658 employees died from a company based on the twin tower. The Chairman is free to close the business for the disaster but chose to keep it for the families of the remaining workforce population they had. 180 million dollars is given to the victims’ families in five years.

10. A miracle happened in Stairwell B.


Everything else collapsed in the North Tower except for one of the staircases in the middle of the building which is called Stairwell B. All sixteen people left there survived, including the firefighters. Would you believe that 110 stories are crashing upon them, but the staircase remains intact? The survivors cannot believe what happened that gave them the psychological guilt of why they survived when everyone else died.