Top 20 Interesting Facts About The Horrifying 911 Bombing


Last September 11, 2001, four coordinated attacks led by Islamic group of terrorist terrified the whole world. Twin Towers, World Trade Center and Pentagon are crashed through planes hijacked by these terrorist resulting in thousands of lives perished. Osama Bin Laden admitted his involvement in the Terrorism that happened in America as he stated that he directed the hijackers to target the buildings. He is manhunt by American Special Forces and killed on May 2011 in Pakistan. Other than this fact, there are 20 more interesting facts about the 911 bombing that you must know.

1. 37% of 911 bombing victims are not yet identified.

There are still more than one thousand victims of the attack whose remains are not yet identified by the forensics. There are over nine thousand human remains that are however to be examined, and the number increases each year which became the strength of the families that hasn’t found the bodies of their loved ones yet.

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