Top 20 Exciting Facts About Darth Vader: Your Favorite Star Wars Character


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16. The creators did everything to hide the show’s ultimate secret.16

The most significant plot twist in the whole Star Wars film is Darth Vader being the father of Luke Skywalker. The secret is well-kept even for the entire production of Star Wars. The only people who knew his true identity are the director of ESB, George Lucas, his co-writer Lawrence Kasdan, actor Mark Hamill, who needs to know to get a believable acting and voice actor James Earl who is the lucky person to speak the famous line.

17. Anakin Starkiller is his original name, not Skywalker.17

When everything is still in draft, the script initially says Anakin Starkiller but is later on altered. Also, the initial trailer for the year 1976 is narrated by director Orson Welles as the original choice for Darth Vader’s voice. They realized that his voice is too recognizable and changed the line up to James Earl Jones who is just starting his career.

18. There is a feud between his on-set actor and director.18

George Lucas and David Prowse are known to have a misunderstanding in the making of the Star Wars. Prowse initially thought that his voice would be used as Darth Vader and don’t have understood that Jones will dub it. During the filming, Prowse did not read the script as it is and it created a history of a feud between the two. Prowse also joins the anti-Lucas film in 2010 that resulted in his ban on all the Star Wars film.

19. An alternate ending made Luke the New Vader.19

Lucas pitched an alternate version to the brilliant ending of the sci-fi saga where Vader still sacrifices himself for the death of the Emperor and Luke take off Vader’s helmet and die. At the alternative, Luke put the helmet to him and destroys the rebellion together with the Emperor. This idea came out straight to Lucas’ mouth.

20. Darth Vader has his theme song.20

His theme song is written by John Willian and is introduced in the Empire movie. It is also used in the transformation of Anakin to join the dark side of the force.

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