Top 20 Exciting Facts About Darth Vader: Your Favorite Star Wars Character


A new evil guy called Kylo Ren stole Darth Vader’s mask which means it will not be long until you see Darth Vader on screen again. Fans also know that Darth Vader contacts the new order of Jedi like what Obi-Wan and Yoda did.

11. His helmet is unintentional.11

Initially, the helmet is not in the picture as Lucas envisions a scarf wrapped around his face. The helmet is only an accessory designed by McQuarrie for Vader’s moving from one ship to another. Eventually, the helmet becomes an icon of death head, and they decided to let him wear it all the time.

12. Hunt Darth Vader at the National Cathedral.12

I am serious. It is not a hoax. Darth Vader’s classic helmet can be spotted at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. The sculpture is looking down at the northwest tower. You can use binoculars to hunt for this statue immediately. A contest by the year 1980’s happened and a boy named Christopher Rader placed third with his Darth Vader sculpture design. Artist, Jay Hall Carpenter and Patrick Plunkett made the plan come into life.

13. He has his title and particular rank.13

Aside from being the right hand of the Emperor, he also had an exclusive title and rank called “Emissary of the Emperor.” He has the power to show up anywhere and give commands. His military position is not clear, but took control of the execution and the imperial warship fleet.

14. His real motives beyond betrayal of the Emperor.14

Death Vader’s betrayal to the Emperor is a known fact, but the motives are not clear. The real story is, when he asked Boba Fett to find more heroes that destroyed the Death Star, he then realized that Palpatine lied to him when Luke Skywalker is still alive. It made him angry and created his motivation to overthrow the Emperor.

15. He had multiple apprentices and three masters.15

Anakin Skywalker received several pieces of training from Qui-Gon Jinn, Grand Master Yoda, and Ashoka Tano. After his transformation as Darth Vader, he got some secret apprentices including Galen Marek who is also called as Starkiller and Tao, a former Jedi Padawan. We should not forget Kharys, Flint, Lumiya, Antinnis Tremayne and Rillao on the list.

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