Top 20 Exciting Facts About Darth Vader: Your Favorite Star Wars Character


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6. He creates drugs.6

Remember when he shot Princess Leia with the truth serum? He is the one responsible for that drug. His kind of dark drugs is dabbled when he tried to forget his addiction to Irish whiskey.

7. Many actors played Darth Vader.7

He is played by various actors and voice actors. In total, six actors played Darth Vader in all the films while seven more voice actors contributed to his voice for the materials made outside the movie. Oh, and as I mentioned earlier, the microphone inside the scuba tank regulator is responsible for his breathing pattern.

8. The reference for the Darth Vader suit is a Nazi uniform.8

Darth Vader’s suit is based on the Nazi SS Uniform of an Imperial military especially his cape and officer’s uniform. John Mollo is the costume designer of his suit.

9. Darth Vader has the most limbs cut in the movie.9

All in all, he lost a total of five limbs. How did this happen? He lost both of his legs, both of his arms as well as his cybernetic arm. Yes, it’s more than a lot.

10. You will not miss Darth Vader for too long.10