Top 20 Exciting Facts About Darth Vader: Your Favorite Star Wars Character


Star Wars is undeniably successful with various films series created by George Lucas. The far far away galaxy becomes the home of countless fans that followed the sci-fi saga. From the year 1977 up to the present, the success of the film is immeasurable and tested. One of the most favorite characters in the movie is Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader. However, there are still a lot of facts that fans needed to know about this popular character and how the creators brought him to life. We will present you 20 of the most exciting facts about Darth Vader.

1. He doesn’t have a father.1

His most famous line might be about being Luke Skywalker’s father, but he did not experience having a father because he does not have one. He is conceived purely by Midi-Chlorians and the force alone. Yes, he is created by the energy field.

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