The 25 Strangest Fruits You’ve Never Seen

Strange fruits

If you love traveling and discovering new foods when you come to a foreign country, then you might experience exotic delicacies and food preferred to their land. One of the must-try in each state are the fruits that are only limited to their place. Some of the countries possess a national fruit which is alien to us. Some look creepy, colorful and weird. Let’s have a fantastic time to scan through 25 of the most bizarre fruit you probably don’t know existed.

1. Buddha’s Hand


Believe it or not, this is a citron. This fruit looks scary when imagination is added. Some compare it to a monster lemon or a lemon merged with squid. Despite the creepy appearance, this fruit has a great smell. It is commonly used in medicines, making perfumes, in rituals in countries like Malaysia, China and Japan.

2. Salak


The outer layer of Salak looks scary because it resembles the scaly skin of a snake. It is where it got its nickname as the snake fruit. This fruit is a specie of a palm tree from Southeast Asia. The texture of the fruit is comparable to cactus while its taste is a combination of a sweeter version of honey and pineapple. It is loved by locals that they often ate a lot and ended having constipation.

3. Cherimoya


This fruit is dubbed as the ice cream fruit. It has a creamy, moist and sweet taste. Writer, Mark Twain mentioned this fruit in the Sacramento Daily Union in 1866 and described as “the most delicious fruit known to man.” Regardless of the label, beware of eating the skin and seeds since it is dangerous to human.

4. Jabuticaba


Yes, this is a fruit, and yes again, it grows on a tree. This fruit looks so weird that on distance, you can see Jabuticaba as warts from the trunk of the tree. The fruit has a green and purple color on the outside but a sweet and fresh pulp on the inside. This fruit grows in South America which is commonly used in making tarts and jams.

5. Romanesco Broccoli


The physical appearance looks so perfect that it would not be a crime to ask if a prominent artist designs this fruit from Italy. The patterns are amazingly gorgeous and fascinating. It possesses a clean nutty flavor. It is now widely spread from Italy to nearby cities of Europe.

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