The 25 Strangest Fruits You’ve Never Seen

Strangest Fruits

If you love traveling and discovering new foods when you come to a foreign country, then you might experience exotic delicacies and food preferred to their land. One of the must-try in each state are the fruits that are only limited to their place. Some of the countries possess a national fruit which is alien to us. Some look creepy, colorful and weird. Let’s have a fantastic time to scan through 25 of the most bizarre fruit you probably don’t know existed.

1. Buddha’s Hand


Believe it or not, this is a citron. This fruit looks scary when imagination is added. Some compare it to a monster lemon or a lemon merged with squid. Despite the creepy appearance, this fruit has a great smell. It is commonly used in medicines, making perfumes, in rituals in countries like Malaysia, China and Japan.

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