50 Brides That Are Impossible To Unsee

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Gone are the days when women sported long white dresses for their wedding. Today, the need to look unique is quite strong among brides, due to which they opt for out-of-the-theme dresses. Guests cannot take their eyes away from these dresses purely because of their weird and sometimes beautiful & innovative themes. Here are 50 such outrageous dresses that brides wore to their weddings.

1. White Lace Lady



While white lace is often one of the preferred choices of bridal wear, this bride went a little overboard with it. The low-high-low hem pattern of the dress and the lacy boots were such standouts that she attracted too many glances on her D-Day.

2. Cat Lady


It is alright to be a cat-lover, but it is quite weird to wear a cat-themed dress for your wedding, isn’t it? This bride wore a huge, silk, cat-themed dress with a silk kitten woven into the dress to complement her theme!

3. Rented Limo



Guests at this lady’s wedding couldn’t understand which was weirder – the shocking, bold dress of the bride or the rented limo that she chose to arrive at the venue. We are only happy that the short dress with a long train could fit into that limo that she had rented.

4. In Line with the background



Chuck the whites! Here, the bride is dressed in tandem with the background in which she is standing. The dress looks beautiful and unique; however, the groom might have a tough time locating her in the midst of greenery all around.

5. Cake Dress



This lady has nailed it as she seems to have her cake and eat it too! Her tailor-made bridal wear is made from cake! Designers took about a couple of months to create this edible cake, and we are sure the guests must have been spellbound by the bride’s creativity.


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