40 Exceptional Photographs Missing In Your History Books


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36. The only elephant who knows how to surf.


Queenie is the name of the only Asian elephant who knows how to surf. Talk about living life to the fullest. Her partner Dane is the one who teaches her and they perform water ski, dancing and playing the harmonica together.

37. This is how a 5 MB drive looks like way back in the year 1956.


Thanks to technology advancement! If this is how a 5 MB looks like way back the old times, can you even imagine the weight of one terabyte drive? A PanAm plane will not be enough to transport it.

38. The glasses of John Lennon when he died.


What you are seeing is the glasses that John Lennon wore when Mark Chapman assassinated him. He got four gunshots and arrived dead at the hospital.

39. The unbroken seal of the tomb of Tutankhamun.


For more than 3,000 years, this seal is untouched. It is believed that the mummified body of King Tut is inside this shrine. It is not opened because most people are scared of the Pharaoh’s curse written on a tablet that says people who will disturb his peace will face death.

40. Electrocution of a man to study the muscles in his face



Duchenne de Boulogne electrocuted a man’s face to study the muscles present to it. His findings are published with photographs and titled The Mechanism of Human Expression.

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