40 Exceptional Photographs Missing In Your History Books


31. She will effortlessly serve you some tea.


This photo of a Victorian server can give you good vibes as we often see old pictures from their period that is either angry or sad. I believe she can serve four teas at a time with a natural gift she had.

32. First Human to Die in Space


Looking at the photo itself, a tragic fate is experienced by Vladimir Komarov, a Soviet cosmonaut. He died when his space capsule crashed when he is coming back to Earth. Soyuz 1 sent him on a mission where he met his death.

33. A monk burnt himself as a protest.


Thích Quảng Đức did not fear fire and death as he burned himself in an intersection at Saigon in 1963. His purpose is to protest against the persecution of Buddhists by the Vietnamese government. He is accompanied by a colleague who pours the contents of a gallon of petrol to his head while reciting a chant before lighting a matchstick.

34. One of the first people who benefited from Plastic Surgery


It is hard to distinguish which from these two images above is the before and after the plastic surgery. On the right, a tube pedicle is placed on his face. Walter Yeo is an English sailor in the World War I. He lost his upper and lower eyelids in the operation

35. The only photograph of a Quagga

35I am not fooling you. This animal existed decades ago. A quagga is a subspecie of zebra that lived until the 19th century. It is a cross breed of zebra and a horse. The last Quagga died in Amsterdam in 1883.

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