40 Exceptional Photographs Missing In Your History Books


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26. This is how San Francisco looked like after a shattering earthquake.


A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck San Francisco in the year 1906. Eighty percent of infrastructures from San Francisco is destroyed and 3,000 people died. This photo is a heartbreaking aerial photograph of the incident.

27. A mask is invented to lessen noise.


The bizarre helmet on the photo is created by Hugo Gernsback back in think. At first sight, it looks like something delicate serves its purpose but apparently, it is only invented to lessen the noise in the environment when you need to focus on doing paper works. He believed that wearing this helmet will let you dive into silence. We were lucky not so many people tolerated this invention and somebody else created ear pods.

28. A creative and space saving parking lot.


I remember doing this for my Lego toys during childhood, but hey, the adults think the same way before I was even born. This thing they invented can hold 25-30 cars depending on models. They press a button and send your car to the free parking space. This invention looks cool and a little bizarre since it will be hard to get your car back once it is destroyed. Talk about the domino effect.

29. This mask is used to protect the kids from germs.


Hey, I am serious. Before the light and affordable face mask are invented, these masks that looked like a spaceship mask is used in hospitals to protect the kids from getting a virus from other patients. I believe they don’t want to underestimate the power of infection that they come up with this invention.

30. Love is a powerful emotion.


This is not a scene in a romantic film or is choreograph to gather attention. This image represents how much they value time as a moment after this shot was taken, they are about to get separated. This photo contains love, anxiety, and inspiration at the same time.