40 Exceptional Photographs Missing In Your History Books



21. Women can get arrested for too short swimwear.


Believe it or not, conservative eyes are everywhere in the 1920s. In this photo, a man measured the swimwear of these ladies if they are too short. You will be arrested for not wearing the prescribed length of cloth for females. They are considered immoral once they break the rules. I wonder how these conservative people will react if they live in today’s realms.

22. From Gandhi To Hitler


Mahatma Gandhi is known for handling wars and problems without violence. Often, he tried talking to leaders who want to start a war and settle in a way that would profit both sides. In the year 1939, he wrote to Adolf Hitler to prevent a foreseen war. He called Adolf a friend and explained how goals could be achieved with a peaceful mind.

23. Before the restoration of the Great Wall of China


We all know that building the Great Wall of China risked a big percentage of the Chinese population. In this photo, you can find uneven bricks before it was restored and become a universal tourist spot today.

24. One of the first underwater photographs


Before the invention of go pro and underwater cameras which are instantly available in malls today, photographing underwater is a tremendous success. This picture is taken by Louis Boutan in a depth of 164 feet underwater. He contacted his engineer friend to help him draft a plan in capturing an underwater shot through a camera in an air-filled balloon.

25. Dinosaur tracks were seen in Paluxy River, Texas


In a river track in Texas, alleged substantial fossilized footprints are recorded in this photograph. Metatarsal dinosaur tracks are observed. A more controversial fact discovered is, other than these dinosaur tracks, man tracks are also seen.

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