40 Exceptional Photographs Missing In Your History Books


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16. People are painting the Eiffel Tower.


You should be brave with heights when you got employed to paint Eiffel Tower as they coated it eighteen times in 1992. Every seven years, as part of its maintenance, it is repainted to retain its magnificent beauty. They need 1,500 brushes, 25 painters, and 60 tons of paint to complete the task. The duration depends if the weather is in cooperation.

17. Strange invention of baby cages


On the first glance, seeing this photo in the present will make you call 911 and save the child, but during the 1930s, this is a sample of a baby cage proposed for buildings in London. They want to help parents in giving access to their infant’s need for sunlight and fresh air. Many people felt that this is an odd invention. Fortunately, it was a flop.

18. All the telephone lines are connected in this tower.


Imagine if the present did not develop phone technologies up until today. There will be a lot like this Old Stockholm telephone tower where over 5,000 telephone wires are connected to each other. Luckily, the concept disturbed the people of how many towers like this they will need to build in the future, so they created a way to put the lines underground. A fire damaged the tower, and they never make one like this again.

19. The first animal sent into space is a dog.


In this picture, you can see Laika as the first animal sent on space by the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 2. They selected a stray dog from Moscow to become a cosmonaut. Unfortunately, her journey failed and did not return to Earth. She died in a blast in space. In memory of her, a monument is built in Moscow.

20. The first chimpanzee sent to space.


After a dog, a chimpanzee was sent into space launched by Cape Canaveral in the year 1961. He is called Ham the Chimp or simply, Astrochimp. Before sending him to space, he was trained to respond to electric lights and sound and was also taught simple level instructions. They considered his journey a success since he returned Earth with only a bruise in his nose.