40 Exceptional Photographs Missing In Your History Books


11. The old Cafeteria for employees in Disneyland.

It would be fine to have lunch with these Disney characters in real life but do not take too much selfie opportunities as they only have limited break from working. Let them fill their tummy to give people the promised happiest place on earth at Walt Disney’s theme park. Aside from Snow White and Goofy, who else do you recognize from the image above?

12. A picture when basketball is in the process of the invention.


To put into condition the young athletes in Massachusetts, a Canadian-American sports coach James Naismith invented a game basketball. Initially, the game only had 13 rules, and they use peaches baskets as hoops. You can see James and his wife practicing the game in this photo. The game developed and progressed in the 20th century.

13. The making of MGM lion


I know almost everyone has seen the finished product of this image if you examine the photo very well. Yes, it is the opening clip you saw in most of the American films, the MGM lion. It is real and is not manipulated. You may not observe it, but every year, they shoot a different lion. The one in the picture is named Jackie who also starred in some Tarzan films.

14. A cat in zero gravity


From 25,000 feet, Captain Druey Parks experimented how animals will behave when tossed in a zero-gravity environment. He was bewildered by a cat’s reaction especially how its claws reacted.

15. Testing bombs in the United States


The photo makes quite an explosion as they detonated twenty-three nuclear devices at Bikini Atoll. Testing of the bombs was conducted from 1946 up to 1958. They tried it in water, land, and sea that led to hiring marshals throughout the island. It becomes inhabitable for humans too because of the radioactivity. The bombs are to be used in a cold war against the Soviet Union.

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