40 Exceptional Photographs Missing In Your History Books


The school will give you countless learning and information that is useful in your future, but your chosen university cannot provide everything. Your books might be missing pieces from the history that you will not think existed. In this article, we compiled 40 exceptional photographs missing in your history books. Are you ready to have a mind-blowing good read? Let’s start the list immediately.

1. The making of Statue of Liberty.


Before the Statue of Liberty becomes an icon in New York, it has been constructed in Paris France in the 80’s. French Engineer Gustave Eiffel is the one responsible in this iconic statue together with the very famous Eiffel Tower.

2. The first diving suit invented.


The privilege to enjoy diving today is due to the efforts of Chester Macduffee. You can see him and his creation of the first diving suit made of aluminum alloy. It weighs 550 lbs. Through this invention, deep sea diving becomes possible by the year 1914. Further advancement of the diving suit led to a successful dive with a depth of 212 feet.

3. Playing chess in Soviet, Russia


Before the popularity of chess boomed as a table game played in every sports competition in the district, it is performed in Soviet, Russia using people as chess pieces. People use costumes to represent a piece where they are choreographed for combat. They are instructed where to move thru a telephone, and a match usually takes five hours to end.

4. The last photograph of Titanic before it sunk.


The photo above is the last image of Titanic before it hit the iceberg, sunk, and killed many of lives. It is dramatically staged through a film and becomes exceptionally successful up until the present. Today, the wreckage of the ship are being auctioned, stored and studied. It makes history and will always be remembered no matter how many decades had passed.

5. Maintenance of the Grand Canals


One of the most famous tourist spots for romantic Venetian architecture and restaurants is the Grand Canal in Venice. Have you ever thought how they do the maintenance to give tourist the best experience for their stay? The picture above has a lot to say. The job is no easy task as the canal covers 3.8 km long and is 30 to 90 m wide.

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