35 Yummy Facts You Must Know About Chocolates (15)

Chocolate is known as one of the sweet foods that people crave. Before you take a bite at your tantalizing chocolate bar, learn about these fascinating facts and curb your curiosity!

1.) The First Ever Chocolate


In 1842, Fry $ Son made the very first chocolate bar. It became a hit around the world, and the company changed names multiple times. Later it became known as Cadbury.

2.) Chocolate Kisses, Anyone?


More than seventy million Hershey’s Kisses are being produced every single day because it is one of the most famous kinds of chocolate. It was first sold in 1907.

3.) Chocolate Carries Health Benefits


There are numerous proven benefits of eating dark chocolate. Among the health benefits include improving good blood flow, a source of antioxidants, and contain stimulants.

4.) The Cacao Trees Have Long Life


Unlike the beans of the cocoa sold in the market, the cacao trees can live up to at least 200 years. The beans can only last for 25 years.

5.) One Cacao Tree Can Produce Tons Of Beans


An estimate of at least 2500 beans can be harvested from just one cacao tree. That is a lot of chocolate if you’d think of it!

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