30 Tragic Selfies Of All Time


Many people believed that photos taken are memories that can be treasured forever. “Selfie” becomes a trend and is evolving. To others, it is a social responsibility and a trend that hit its popularity at its peak sin ,ce 2015. Selfie sticks are required, filters are made, and people upgrade their selfie shot into something exciting. Unluckily, some people don’t have any idea that it will be the last selfie they’ll ever take. Join us, as we reveal the 30 of the most tragic selfies before death.

1. The sky is not the limit.

Matthew Powell loves skydiving and selfie so much, and he can’t separate his interest. After taking a selfie and jumping off the plane, no one found him again.
2. Challenge accepted!


This Russian man accepted one of the scariest dares just to level up his selfie- gaming. He hung his feet in a thin strip and took a selfie on the side of the building. He should be proud of the mind-blowing shot because he slipped and died to make this shot.

3. The shark is shaken.

Perhaps James Crowlett knew that sharks are not man-eater but forget the fact that they have terrible eyes and will grope at anything it finds exciting or disturbing underwater like his legs. Maybe he was amazed seeing a real shark face-to-face and immediately took a selfie. His legs are torn and never made it to the hospital.

4. The prey comes to a predator.


Brian Peterson did not see the danger of how nasty an alligator can be. He puts his head for a selfie, and the predator chomped him to death.

5. Height is might.

Let’s talk about taking selfies to the highest level when this Australian guy climbed a 150 feet suspension bridge where he slipped his toes and faced his death.

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