30 Places That You Probably Thought Would Never Exist


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26) Abraham Lake in Canada

26Abraham Lake is located close to the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada and is considered to be the longest human-made lake. Its main characteristics are its turquoise color caused by glacial rock flour particles, and the methane bubbles the freeze within the lake water during winter.

27) Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

27A natural rock formation. It can be found on the Northeast coast of Northern Ireland. It was declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It is characterized by naturally formed stacks of basalt columns which are mostly hexagonal. Local legends say that this was built by a giant.

28) Antelope Canyon in Arizona

28One of the most visited canyons in the world, the Antelope Canyon is formed million years ago by erosion of sandstones. It boasts its picturesque stone structures. It has two main parts; the upper antelope canyon which is easy to access, and the narrow lower antelope canyon.

29) Hitachi Seaside Park
29Located in Ibaraki, Japan, this flower paradise blooms flowers all-year round in a 190-hectare area. It features various flowers, but the main attraction is the Baby Blue Eyes flowers. It also offers small amusement parks and beautiful trails for kids and tourists.

30) Ice Caves in Chile

30It is considered as one of the most spectacular ice-marble networks of caves in the world. The clear water that flows through the cave produces a beautiful light reflection. Its unique color is the result of different glacier particles mixing.

Our world is big and has a lot more to offer than the usual sights and experiences. It’s always a great experience to learn about places far away from you and see the world. So how was it? Were you amazed by these sites on the list? Maybe you’ve decided on your next trip destination? We are willing to read comments from you or perhaps share some more places that weren’t on the list!

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