30 Places That You Probably Thought Would Never Exist


21) Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Japan
21The Wisteria Flower Tunnel, home to 20 species of Wisteria flowering plants, is located in Kawachi Fuji Garden in Japan. The garden is private so touring requires an entry fee, but the enchanting colors of the wisteria flowers are worth it. The best time to visit the Flower Tunnel is during the peak of spring.

22) Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming, USA
22It is considered as the world’s third-largest hot spring. The Grand Prismatic is characterized by its bright colors that look like the colors of white light through a prism. This coloration is caused by the spring’s temperature and heat-loving bacteria that inhabit it.
It was also observed that the spring’s color fluctuates depending on the season due to the changes in the temperature.

23) Pamukkale, Turkey
23Also called Cotton Castle, Pamukkale is a hillside location made up of hot springs commonly used as a spa for over a thousand years. The formation of terraces, stalactites, pools, and white crystalline surfaces are a result of water being saturated with carbonated calcium and then solidified.

24) Red Beach in Panjin, China

Located in Northeast China, the Red Beach is home to the red edible plant called Suaeda salsa. The beach is also called ‘Red Seabeach’ and ‘Home of Cranes’ as it is home to hundreds of fauna including rare and endangered kinds of cranes

25) Dallol Volcano, Ethiopia
25Dallol, Ethiopia is considered to be the hottest place on Earth with temperatures fluctuating around 94°F. The heat could give you a feel of being on a different planet, and its unique geological features contribute to its Martian-like landscape. Chemical compounds released by the Earth paint the area its unusual coloration.

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