30 Places That You Probably Thought Would Never Exist


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16) Naica Mine in Mexico
16Also known as the Cave of Crystals, the main chambers of this mine contain enormous amounts of natural crystals. A large part of the tunnels is still left unexplored due to the unbearable humidity and high temperature caused by the magma deep in the mines.

17) Lake Hillier in Australia
17A saline lake in Middle Island, it has received a significant amount of attention from a lot of people especially scientists for its naturally bright pink color. The pink color of the water remains even when it is transferred to a container.
Its pink color might be the result of the microalgae and bacteria on the salt crusts in the lake. It can support microorganisms because of its ten times saltier than the oceans.

18) Emerald Ice of Lake Baikal in Russia
18Lake Baikal contains about 20% of the Earth’s freshwater, and it is considered as the most significant freshwater lake. It houses a lot of organisms endemic to the lake. During winter, emerald-colored ice forms on the lake as a result of the water clarity.

19) Tianzi Mountain in China
19Tianzi Mountain is mostly composed of narrow pillars made of quartzite sandstone that stand as tall as 4,000 feet. The mountain is at its most beautiful during April, May, September, and October. The area is also said to have inspired some scenes in the 2009 film, Avatar.

20) Shimmering Shores of Maldives
20The shores of Vaadho, Maldives can be compared to the starry sky because of its bluish-white glow lining the shores. This bluish-white light is produced by luminescent planktons that get washed up on the beaches. The way it seems like it mirrors the night sky has grabbed the interest of many tourists.