30 Places That You Probably Thought Would Never Exist


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6) Mendenhall Ice Caves in Juneau, Alaska
6The Mendenhall Ice Caves is a place where you can see all three stages of the water cycle as you see the cold water running over rocks with ceilings made of ice. These caves are inside glaciers which require some kayaking and ice climbing to reach.

7) Son Doong Cave in Vietnam
7The most massive cave known to man, it is said that it is as large as a whole New York City block. Son Doong Cave not only boasts its enormous size but also the rich biodiversity it contains. It houses old forests with rich vegetation without any trace of human intervention.
The beauty and richness of the cave attracted famous and wealthy people that even a tour of the cave already costs about 4,000 USD!

8) Gates to Hell in Derweze, Turkmenistan
8A 90-meter deep hole that produces natural gas located in the Karakum Desert, it was accidentally made when the Soviets built a drilling location to gather natural gas. It is said that the fire in the crater has been burning for more than 40 years already.

9) Mount Roraima
9The highest of the Pakaraima Mountains located in South America. The summit area is characterized by 400-meter tall cliffs on all sides. It boasts the beauty of its unique tabletop summit that would usually be among the clouds in certain climates.

10) Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

10The Kleven Train Tunnel is an example of architecture by nature. The train that passes through has molded the tree lines into a beautiful tunnel of lush green. It got its name because lovers visit it as it is said to be able to grant wishes.