30 Perfectly Timed Sports Photos


We have collected some of the jaw-dropping snaps in sports for your reading pleasure. Both magical and hair-raising moments captured by the lens. Enjoy!

1. What got into you?


We are not so sure why this basketball player seems to be too panicky when he saw the ball rolling his way. Do you have any idea?

2. The coolest reflection


This is one great capture that you will enjoy looking at any time. Cool!

3. Here comes super Rodman


There’s no telling what a champ would do to make the day. Here’s the king of the court making his moves to catch the ball.

4. Motor surfing


It was just a coincident that this motorcyclist decided to something strange with his motorcycle. It makes it more thrilling to see he made such move when he reached the finish line.

5. Caught right there


This table tennis player was just too engrossed in the game that he did not notice that he forgot to close his mouth just in time when the ball came flying straight to it. The lens caught it right there, too!

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