30 Biggest Dog Breeds Desirable for Pet Lovers

Pet Lovers

Strength is commonly associated with size. One of the most desirable traits for dog breeders is hugeness. Big-sized hounds are feared guards and good hunters. If you fancy having one, check out the world’s 30 largest dog breeds.

1) Caucasian Shepherd Dog


This breed is popular in Northern Caucasian area, also in Armenia, Russia, and Georgia. These dogs could be skilled hunters for they are muscular and strongly-boned.

2) English Mastiff


This breed is valuable for its loyalty and strength that even impressed Caesar during the Roman conquest dated 6th century BC.

3) Newfoundland


These dogs are excellent swimmers. Fishers prefer them for their hugeness and intelligence. Dog lovers may have them in black, brown, white or gray.

4) Komondor


This breed is an effective guard dog to your properties and livestock. These hounds are unique for their long, corded, and mop-resembling coat.

5) Scottish Deerhound

Deerhound because these dogs are good deer hunters. They are lovingly raised by the tribal people in the United Kingdom.

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