30 Funny Sports Pictures You Won’t Be Able To Unsee

Funny photo

Watching sports is a national past time. But some momentous, epic fails are not televised, so here are 30 hilarious sports fails you didn’t see during the gameplay.

1. Winter Sport Fail


What you’re seeing is a highly embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, but downright hilarious as well. And there she minded her business like nothing happened.

2. Gymnastic Fails


It is quite confusing what sports these two are playing. The guy is supposed to be at the martial arts corner, and the girl should be doing a gymnastic performance.

3. Baseball Fail



Gloves are used to catch the baseball, not the mouth. This player decided to show some never before seen skills, though.

4. Pole Vaulter Fail


And while all that was happening a song in the background plays, “Everybody loves the things you, from the way you talk about the way you move. Everybody here is watching you.”

5. Swimming Fail


Swimming costumes are tight – it’s so hard to breathe, you know. And what do you do when you accidentally exposed your body while readjusting? Just keep swimming.

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