30 Celebs Who Are Unrecognizable After Plastic Surgery


Hollywood celebrities will do anything to stay young, or risk losing their careers. Cosmetic surgery often comes to mind, but it’s no sip from the Fountain of Youth as many would like to believe. These 30 celebrities prove you can look completely different after plastic surgery… in a horrifying and shocking sort of way.

1). Renée  Zellweger


renee-splitThings have never been the same for Renée Zellweger. Since her public appearance at Elle’s Women in Hollywood Awards, the actress looked nothing like the adorable Bridget Jones we’ve come to love on-screen. Renée continues to deny rumors that she went under the knife, and says she owes her new look to a happy and more fulfilling life.
“I’m glad folks think I look different… perhaps it shows,” she told People magazine. If she meant the Botox, it shows alright.

2). Caitlyn Jenner


Caitlyn Jenner finally becomes a womanSince publicly outing herself as a transgender woman, Bruce (who now goes by the name of Caitlyn Jenner) has undergone some surgeries to look more feminine. These procedures include facial feminization, breast augmentation, lip fillers, and a facelift amounting to more than $120,000. Last year, Caitlyn had fully transitioned after having gender reassignment surgery.

3). Priscilla Presley


priscilla-presley-surgeryThe widowed wife of Elvis Presley had silicone injected into her cheeks. Years later, it turned out that her surgeon practiced without a license. Dr. Daniel Serrano was convicted of malpractice in 2006, but the damage had been done. Priscilla is left with a puffy and wax-like face. After a series of Botox and laser treatments, her appearance has slightly improved but is nowhere near the woman Elvis married.

4). Jennifer Grey


downloadThe Dirty Dancing actress had an iconic face. That is until she decided to have a nose job. She lost the bump on her nose which was the only defining feature on her face, similar to Cindy Crawford’s mole or Julia Roberts’ lips. Years later, Jennifer Grey reveals she regrets her decision.
“It was the nose job from hell,” she told The Mirror.

5). Kenny Rogers


kennyrogers-beforeafterKenny Rogers is known for bringing us hits like “Lucille” and “Through the Years.” But the singer-songwriter can only be recognized for his voice now that he looks different. Kenny lost his signature smile and deep eyes to plastic surgery, which left him with unnaturally tight eyelids. He admits that Dolly Parton inspired him to undergo surgery.


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