28 Cute Animals That Can Actually Kill You


1. Leopard Seal


Leopard Seals are cute and all but their fangs are sharp enough to impale you. They have an overall excellent temperament and are mostly non-violent, but there have been reports of researchers getting attacked by them. So take extra caution when they are around.

2. Cassowary


A beautiful bird with a very low temperament, do not disturb them because if you do, you cannot outrun them. They use sharp claws and would most probably attempt to disembowel you.

3. Slow Loris


It’s innocent looking eyes, and small hands make them seem like the perfect pet but beware because this animal excretes poison that can cause anaphylactic shocks.

It comes out from the sides of their elbows. Then they mix it with their saliva. From there, they put it on their fur to protect themselves.

4. Big Cats


Cats have the most adorable features, but they are also very deadly too. All of the big cats would eat you if given a chance and with their strength and sharp teeth& claws, they can rip you apart in no time.

5. Puffer fish


Even though it looks harmless and incapable of violence, the pufferfish is the second most poisonous vertebrate in the animal kingdom. Its poison paralyzes the diaphragm leaving the victim unable to breathe. There has been no antidote so far.

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